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It’s Normal to have Relationship Problems and How to Solve them.

Marriage is one of the passage of life, from time to time we get invited for church weddings. We see our relatives and friends tying the knot and we become excited for them.

Before people get married they usually date, when dating the couple get to learn more about each other. They do many activities together and when they are finally ready they get married.

It is advisable for couples to go for counselling before they get married. Women and men have different roles in marriage, during this counselling period, these are the things they are taught. They are taught some of the problems that couples might go through when married and how to solve them. The counselling is mostly done by church leaders and also the brides and grooms relatives.

It is normal for couples to experience conflicts and arguments at one some point in their marriage. The harmony that they enjoyed in past starts drifting. Divorce may be mentioned in one of the partner, when the arguments become intense.

In extreme cases the couple choose to go ahead and get a divorce. Couples should consider seeking the services of a marriage counsellor to help them. The couple can choose to go for counselling sessions together but if they are not comfortable, they choose to do it individually.

The marriage counselor in the process of trying to solve your marriage, will begin asking questions like how your marriage got to this point. The therapist will remind you all the good times you shared as a couple, while you were dating and when the relationship was new. Some of the things that cause couples to drift away from each other are pressure and boredom, among others.

People get married due to reasons such as companionship and happiness, among others, if it a certain point in their marriage these things start missing, they will drift away from each other. The aim of the whole going to a marriage counsellor is to try and get back to times when the couple was happy.

Most marriage counselors have published their own books about marriage and how you can have a fulfilling marriage. As part of the marriage counselling, couples are advised to read certain books that are recommended by the therapist. There are also many such books on the internet, they are ideal for people in a relationship, newly wed and anyone who is married.

After marriage, the next step for most couples is to start having babies. Most couples have very busy schedules, they cannot afford to be around their kids all the time, hence most couples end up hiring a nanny to look after the babies. It is advisable to know more information about the person who will be taking care of your kids.

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